Adaptive Distribution Video Platform

In a climate of exponential increase in IPTV viewers, it has become evident that the current IPTV networks are not fully capable of managing the increasing number of viewers. The rapid increase in the number of IPTV viewers has presented a major challenge to IPTV service providers in terms of logistical capacities and content accessibility.

Intellicast is an intelligent Content allocation software specifically tailored to larger IPTV networks. Intellicast implements an innovative content distribution solution by applying an adaptive content delivery platform using evolutionary and genetic algorithms. Intellicast is consistent with advanced features designed to enhance the delivery and distribution of content throughout the Web. Intellicast is engineered to be easily integrated. The Intellicast web interface can intuitively configure the most suitable algorithms and change the system parameters.

Intellicast provides the IPTV network operators with actual feedback enabling them to pro-actively monitor the delivery process from CDNs to their network. Intellicast can sustain virtually any user usage peak by swiftly increasing simultaneous streams and replicating content onto multiple servers while maintaining Quality of Service (QoS).

Key Items

IPTV service providers have begun investing heavily in multi-vendor services in order to meet the rapid consumer demand. However, multi-vendor integration has proven to be very costly and incapable of providing a complete solution that can fully sustain the new wave of consumer demand and maintain quality of services (QoS).

Intellicast can substantially optimize resources in terms of data storage achieving the maximum efficiency in storage capacity and streaming capabilities. It has leverage over the competition since it can considerably reduce expenditure due to its vendor Independency.