Video Community Platform

As the Internet expands, there is a major focus on building more online social networks . The integration of blogging and the ability to email clips and grab links makes it easier to form such networks. The Guardian platform is designed to give rise to contemporary video communities, it can trigger the viral word-of-mouth propagation encouraging the mass distribution of video content. It allows the content publishers to increase their online traffic by utilizing video sharing features.


Guardian is a multi-channel video Community platform. It is a scalable and extendible platform which enables individuals and companies to easily create their own white label video Community, whether they are adding to an existing site or creating a new one. Guardian is compatible with numerous video platforms where users can create and customize their own personal channels. Users can upload and share their videos and can also fetch videos from the web. Guardian can turn passive viewers into content curators by giving them the tools and resources to discover, review, organize and deliver themed video channels with intuitive tools that enable audience management and tracking. Content Publishers have access to many interactive features such as: video and text comments widget, content rating, content trends, messaging board, polls, forums etc. The Guardian platform has a modular design which offers features and services that can easily be deployed and integrated. The Guardian platform offers you a truly customizable video channel with full creative control.

Key Items

As a business expanding in a global market, creating a multi-channel video Community platform for your web site could give your potential and niche customers a sense of direct involvement with your brand. Furthermore, via your online social network, you are able to deliver compelling marketing messages to your customers around the world. Creating a video Community for your site is a great way to add a higher face-value to your product and draw a global audience around your brand.