3RDI Science
3RDI Science is the business unit responsible for researching and developing leading-edge technological innovations. It is composed of a network of scientists, university researchers and engineers from around the world who are experimenting with the most disparate aspects of technology. 3RDI Science is a fountain of new ideas from which 3RDI can draw to offer unique, elegant and innovative solutions to meet client's requirements.

3RDI Science enjoys a high degree of freedom to foster a highly creative environment in which it is possible to conceive and develop new ideas that can be useful and beneficial to a number of technological solutions in many different vertical markets. This is especially important in a converging business environment where, in order to create an original user experience for the client's business, it is necessary to address the requirements of many different vertical markets that work in synergy together.

3RDI Sciences’ mandate is to rapidly conceive, prototype, develop and produce technological innovations for their immediate introduction into the market.