The pace at which change in the social and economic environment is occurring has accelerated over the past few years and continues to do so. Technology is becoming more and more an integral part of our life and the demand for digital services to be available at all times and accessible from almost everywhere is growing.

An ever increasing number of people are connected to the network and expose themselves to a continuous flow of information and new ideas. As a consequence what they want and what they desire changes frequently and evolves in directions that are difficult to influence or predict.

This makes the user community an unpredictable variable target when defining the digital services to offer as well as the user experience through which they are to be presented.

The environment is rendered even more unstable and unpredictable by the bi-directional nature of the Internet which allows the user community to interact with the social and commercial digital environment they are part of, modifying it and affecting it directly. People can share their opinions through blogs, voice calls, instant messaging, mails and other communication channels, as well as building a personal digital presence through their own websites or through social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Google, Twitter and many others.

3RDI Consulting’s basic principle is that, in such a dynamic social and economic environment, businesses need integrated, flexible, and modular strategies that, from the moment of the inception of the project, take three fundamental steps into account:

Define the business models:
business models have to be defined carefully at the outset of the project in order to be effective once the digital services platform is completed.

Create the user experience:
user experiences have to be designed and tested as early as possible in the process so that feedback from the community can be gathered immediately and used to understand how people want to be offered a specific digital service.

Select the right technology:
only after the business model and user experience have been defined, at least at a prototype level, can the right technology be selected, tested, and, where necessary, developed.

The integration of the business model into the digital platform will determine the success of the project in terms of service adoption and how rapidly it will generate revenue. The modularity of the user experience and technology solution will provide the flexibility necessary to adapt to changes rapidly.

3RDI Consulting’s role is to assist clients during the definition, implementation and launch of integrated business strategies. 3RDI Consulting follows the client through the entire business cycle from the inception of an exclusive concept, through to the definition of an enticing user experience, to the architecture and development of an innovative, end-to-end technology platform, which will bring the original business idea to life.

The following are examples of the consulting services provided in each of the categories identified above:

(strategic consulting services)

Define and implement global or local market strategies

Conceive, define and execute business plans

Create original, exclusive, unique, effective business models

Competitive market analysis, messaging, positioning, and pricing

Define MRDs

Organizational development

Identify merger and acquisition targets

Market segmentation

Sales and marketing integration

Channel development

Training, seminars and workshops

Manage strategic activities into key accounts

Provide case study data

ROI, TCO, Cost/Price analysis

(creative consulting services)

Corporate brand development

Communication and advertisement campaigns

Inception and development of user experiences

Development of virtual communities

Mediate with content advertisers and ad agencies

Viral and unconventional marketing

Sell inventories

Incubates prototypes for communication campaign validation and/or social analysis

(technical consulting services)

Design, develop, customize, and integrate technology platforms

System and traffic simulation

Resources and network optimization (cost reduction)

Develop technology partners ecosystem

Develop crawlers and bots

On demand innovation.