3RDI Technology business has the objective of sharing 3RDI technological innovations with the market. This unit is responsible for packaging and licensing 3RDI technological Intellectual Property and products as well as managing relationships with 3rd party technology partners.

3RDI Technology applies an industrial productization process to conceptual prototypes that emerge from solving specific market or client issues. Different solutions may require common components or face similar technical challenges, therefore once a module has been identified as useful for more applications or markets, 3RDI Technology transforms it into a product thereby increasing 3RDI efficiency in developing customized solutions by using more and more productized components.

3RDI Technology's industrial productization process also streamlines and optimizes the solution development cycle, improving the Time-To-Market of the final services platform and increasing the replicability of each solution, consequently lowering the Total Cost of Ownership associated with it.

Following a model similar to the one used by the open source community, whatever is learned in one situation is shared with the entire 3RDI client community and made available as a product or solution upgrade. 3RDI Technology products include: Guardian, Smart, Intellicast, Alchemy, BlueCast.