3RDI Consulting assists clients from the inception of an idea, through to its development and launch. It provides strategic direction and expertise for the analysis, definition, and implementation of business solutions, technology platforms and communication campaigns. 3RDI Consulting acts as the ‘glue’ between all 3RDI's business units and it provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ where clients can access the necessary strategic, creative and technical talent.

3RDI Consulting offers strategic business consulting services to assist clients in the definition of original and sound business plans. Leveraging 3RDI's partner ecosystem, this unit provides business development services that bring the content and advertising necessary to activate the business models and generate revenues. Moreover 3RDI Consulting follows the client from the design of the concept prototype through to the development, implementation, and launch of the final solution. Where necessary, 3RDI Consulting introduces the technological innovations required to enable original and exclusive business models that ensure a very high degree of differentiation.

Leveraging 3RDI Consulting’s ability to bridge the cultural and business differences between the worlds of content and technology, 3RDI is capable of providing its clients with highly integrated solutions in which business models and innovations complement each other and co-operate to maximize the solution's performance and improve clients' business results.