MiO Television

Personal TV Experience.
MiO is an innovative media delivery platform that revolutionizes the market providing full personalization of user experience.

Through MiO media platform the users are able to access their favorite programs, individualized through advanced correlation techniques.

Alium Digital Signage Solution

As 3RDI intends to be an example of a young and dynamic environment, its main goal is to foster innovation on any level. Alium Solution is a flexible and modular framework able to provide an immersive branded experience leveraging on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and remote multi-location management.

On one hand, our solution aims at providing relevant user experience through on the fly adaptive and targeted messages, and on the other to provide clients with metrics on user's behaviour in order to workout new strategies in regards to their products.

Constant feedback and interactivity from our WSN enhances the branded experience and provides our customers with detailed information on user's gender, attention time, interactivity time just to name a few, instantaneously and remotely accessible.

Moreover, such leading edge solution makes your branded corner unique, enhancing word of mouth effect and therefore increasing conversion rates upon new prospects.

For any further information, feel free to contact us, we will be glad to provide a tailored and unique solution for your brand.