3RDI Engineering
3RDI Engineering is the business unit responsible for the development, customization and implementation of client solutions and for their integration into client’s existing technology environment. It is composed of a young and talented group of engineers specialized in proprietary and open-source technologies, such as Flash, Java, Linux, Cloud Computing, P2P and many others.

3RDI Engineering provides 3RDI's clients with solutions on time and within budget and it ensures that the final solution uniquely differentiates the client's business from that of its competition. 3RDI Engineering designs each solution in a flexible, open, and modular way to ensure that the client's business models are able to withstand changes in the business environment and that the services platform will benefit rapidly and effortlessly from future evolutions and advances in technology.

3RDI Engineering also has the expertise and skills to design, develop, and customize unique and engaging user experiences that embody the client's image and effectively transmit the desired brand message to the end user through their look-and-feel.

Many businesses are moving toward the Internet market either because they are offering their services and products directly online or because they are applying Internet business models to their traditional markets. In order to stand out and be successful, it is therefore necessary to offer a unique value proposition that naturally stems from a customized solution. Moreover, such a solution should be composed of independent building blocks, open interfaces and, wherever possible, open source technologies in order to guarantee the lowest Total Cost of Ownership possible and the highest margin.