3RDI Communication is the business unit responsible for packaging and licensing 3RDI's creative Intellectual Property and communication solutions as well as managing the relationships with 3rd party content and communication partners. 3RDI Communication complements 3RDI's strong technology skill by conceiving and developing content products and communication solutions which are highly integrated into the technology platform.

3RDI Communication offers a set of innovative solutions for the delivery of original and effective viral and unconventional marketing campaigns and the development of brand identities. This unit also sells inventories on 3RDI and its clients’ digital properties and maintains an ecosystem of partners which includes content providers, content producers, advertisers and ad agencies.

3RDI Communication is also responsible for incubating creative concepts and social networks with the objective of developing prototype brand and marketing campaigns and virtual communities which can generate additional revenue streams for 3RDI and its clients. These prototypes are directly connected to the end users and allow 3RDI to develop the hands-on experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn't in the unpredictable and ever changing Internet market.

3RDI Communication's solutions include: Interaction Design, Digital Signage (traditional and enhanced) and Proximity Marketing. Examples of incubated creative concepts are:,