Media Transcoding Engine

Alchemy is an asset management software application for Web TV. It is designed to support user Content Management and Distribution demands. Alchemy implements an easy to use Media upload solution, it is an established and scaleable software solution to ingest, prepare and transform video content. It is capable of automated production of high quality video for consumption across multiple outlets and devices. Alchemy's engine ingests the asset in any format and renders it for delivery to any specified outlet.

Alchemy automates the on-demand conception of a multi-channel video platform by employing an automated production process that:

  • Ingests from tape, live, file, broadcast and production sources
  • Performs automated editing and content assembly tasks, optimizing video and sound quality for all play-out devices
  • Tracks where and how assets are being utilized
  • Publishes and removes content from database

Key Items

The transcoding software solution turns video into live assets. It relieves the network's available human resources from engaging in time-consuming manual processes, while improving the overall transcoding process. Moreover, it adds an impeccable quality to the content resulting in an optimal user experience. Alchemy renders a flexible and IT-based workflow that scales to any given volume and it operates on a highly efficient production level while maintaining the quality and reliability of services. Alchemy's user interface allows users to manage and upload videos swiftly, it can also place the user's uploaded content directly onto their web page.

As a high tech software solution, Alchemy is quite easy to configure and can adapt to evolving industry standards and requirements including new codes, distribution channels and supporting platforms.